Briefing Map for the Antelope Fire Thursday Aug 2021.png
Antelope Fire with new lightning strike fires 8062021.png
Antelope Fire Tennant in the the path 08042021.png

Approx 18 miles from Mccloud

Incident Type: Wildfire
Updated: 1:23 hrs. ago
Size: 41,410 Acres
Contained: 24%
8pm 8/7/2021

Antelope Fire 832021.png
Antelope Fire 08032021.png

The community of Tennant in Siskiyou County is now under a mandatory evacuation order that has been issued by the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office. Also, earlier on Monday night, the Sheriff's Office ordered a mandatory evacuation for Antelope Creek near Tennant.

A temporary evacuation point (TEP) has been set up at the Dorris City Hall at 307 Main Street in Dorris.

Antelope Fire Green shading is Fed lands 04082021.png
Antelope Fire Evacuation Map.png
Antelope Fire 08042021.png
Antelope fire 08042021 1pm.png

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Antelope growing to the East 08072021.png
Antelope Fire with new lightning strike fires 8062021.png

Aug 7th 2021 3:39pm

Antelope Fire 08072021 330pm.png
Antelope Fire 330 pm Aug 7th 2021.png

20% Contained, approx 41,000 +/- at 3:50pm, Aug 7th 2021

Hambone/Lakin fires, no new info apprx 80 acres total. Waiting for updates. Many miles from Mccloud.

Lake and Hambone fires 872021 Evening.png

Total Personnel 622

Size 42,000 Acres approx.

Percent of Perimeter Contained 24%


Antelope fire 08092021 Morning update.png
Antelope Fire and smaller and almost out fire 892021 Morning.png
882021 Briefing Map for the Antelope Fire Full size.jpeg
08092021 Antelope Briefing Map.png

Aug 9th 2021

Antelope Fire Morning 8102021.png
Antelope 8102021 Morning.png
Antelope fire 8102021 Evening.png

Aug 10th 2021

Incident Type: Wildfire
Updated: 58 min. ago
Size: 43,619 Acres
Contained: 24%

Antelope Briefing Map Aug 10th 2021.png
Antelope Fire 8112021 Morning.png


Type: Wildfire Daily Fire Perimeter 

Acres Burned: 43,600.28

Current as of 8/10/2021, 6:05 PM

8122021 Antelope Fire with Lightning Potential in Yellow.png
08122021 Antelope Fire Spotting out areas.png
08122021 South West Antelope Fire.png
08122021 Morning Antelope Fire.png

45,000 Ac apprx Aug 12th 2021

08122021 Briefing Map Antelope.png
8122021 Briefing Map Antelope Fire.png
Antelope Fire 8122021 Evening.png
08132021 Antelope Fire Morning.png

Massive hotspots last night. s.w part of the fire is of concern.

08132021 Antelope Fire Morning.png

hotspots heading west, on the north side of mt shasta. Aug 13th 2021

Antelope CU with Cells 08142021.png
08152021 Antelope Fire Morning.png
08152021 Antelope Fire Morning.png
08152021 The Antelope Fire Morning Update.png
Current Winds Antelope 08152021 230pm.png
Aug 15th 2021 2:39pm Winds coming from the West. Strong N. winds early this next week.
Winds Tues Antelope Fire.png
Winds for Mon Night Antelope Fire.png
08162021 Antelope Fire zoomed out for overall perspective.png
08162021Antelopefire morning.png
08162021 Antelope Fire C U Cells.png
08162021 Antelope Fire with Medicine lake in view.png
Antelope Fire 08152021 Briefing Map.jpeg
Medicine Lake and Antelope Fire Aug 16th Evening with wind gauge.png
Warning Map for north of McCloud, Antelope Fire 08172021 with 2am winds.png
the above wind map shows for around 2am in the morning Aug 18th 2021 McCloud is in the lower left corner where the white is below the hwy.
Antelope Evacuation Warning 08172021.png

Yellow is warning. Red is evacuate.