McCloud Sunset 11 © Richard Earl Goates.jpg

Guess the Right Location and win!

Guess the exact location where I was in the photo above and win the weekly prize.
The first person to sign up and guess the correct location in the photo will win that weeks prize-FREE! 


Weekly "where was I" Prize Context starts now!

To shake things up a bit I am going to try a weekly contest for anyone to enter that weeks prize or prizes for free. The First Correct Location identifier will win that weeks weekly prize that is offered. Just sign up below with your best guess and you will win the prize or prizes that are offered for that week if you are the FIRST participant that correctly guessed my Location in the photo. Each week the winner will be announced and you may only claim one prize per month. If there is no correct winner during any particular week no prize will be awarded. The winner will be announced each Friday Evening from the pool of participants that played and guessed correctly. It's the "First" One that guessed correctly that wins.Each New contest picture will be posted on Sunday Evening or Monday Morning early, so keep your eye out for the new picture at the Top of the page on the "Where was I" page of this website. Winners may pickup their won prizes in McCloud California or pay a small shipping and handling fee to have the item or items shipped to where they live. 

Sign up below and then email me your best guess for the picture posted at the top of this page, to-

Enter for a chance to win the location prize now for the picture above. The first correct guesser wins.

Winner will be announced each Friday Evening on this website.

Thanks for submitting!

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